Sunday, November 30, 2014

One Piece Best Fights and Best moments part 1 Episodes 1 to 5 Luffy Starts his Journey!

 In this video there are chosen moments of best Fights Funny moments in Fast Forward...

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

One Piece Gif Collection, Best Moments, and Fights.

This is a video with some Collection of One Piece Gifs. This is my first work i did not know what to do so i chose One Piece Because One Piece is my favorite Anime. Enjoy some of the One Piece Gifs i like the most, i hope you will like it too.

Monday, September 29, 2014

ONE PIECE- Le Scene Più Divertenti in Italiano

One Piece i momenti piu divertenti di One Piece Italiano
Scene comiche di One Piece Italiano
30 min da ridere con One Piece e Monkey D Luffy (Rubber) Italiano

ONE PIECE- Le Scene Più Divertenti (Parte Prima)

ONE PIECE- Le Scene Più Divertenti (Parte Seconda)

ONE PIECE- Le Scene Più Divertenti (ParteTerza)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

One Piece Crazy Ideas About Luffy's Mom

Here are some Crazy Ideas about Luffy and his Mom.

  • Luffy's mother is the princess of a country Dragon and her fell in love, the king found out she was pregnant and didn't want Dragon to have any interaction with his daughter so he tried to kill him he took her away to a far away place in the country right when she had luffy the king found out where they where and attacked them she sacrificed her self to let luffy and Dragon live, this is why dragon hate the country that treat their people like insect thinking to much on royalty and power and blood line because he doesn't want what happened to him to happen to other people.

  • Wait so i just thought of something its crazy but could this be true that if luffys mom is gold rogers sister she must have to had the Gol D in her name right but she got married to Monkey D dragon but since gold roger was like dangerous or somtin she couldnt risk it so she changed her name to Monkey D somtin so gold roger could be luffys uncle witch is why luffy resembles roger alot its crazy but there could be a diffrent part of the story that luffy could have been with gold roger at 1 point and ace mom could have been realted to dragon since ace resemables dragon alot i just dont know i have so many therioes but there has too be a diffrent part of the story too the childhood thing

  • There was a site that told on who really killed Moria. If someone finds out who really killed Moria, then you find Luffy's mom. So far that I remember the story is that she is a captain of the "Red Dragon Pirates" and she is no one you want to mess with. She has what is called the Portal-Portal fruit ability, able to create portals at will. Dragon married her, had Luffy, then divorced because she didn't want to miss the adventure of the sea. Dragon took Luffy to Goa Kingdom and gave him to his father, Monkey D Garp, to take care of. After that, I don't remember.

  • So Dragon is Roger's brother-in-law and Ace and Luffy will be cousins, maybe Roger and Dragon are brothers, their whole family had a fight and split into 2 groups Gol and Monkey but kept the D.

Those where some theories about Luffy 's Mother which is the craziest and which is the most possible ?