Sunday, February 23, 2014

One Piece Roronoa Zoro Swords History

Zoro had to change some swords in his journey in One Piece some where destroyed some where used only for little time but this shows that Zoro Can use any Sword or other things depending the situation like when he use Usopp as a Sword.

Zoro's Swords (Source ONEPIECEWIKI)

Zoro's current katana.
During his adventures, Zoro has acquired many swords. The three he currently uses are:
  1. Meito; Wado Ichimonji (formerly belonged to Kuina)
  2. Sandai Kitetsu (formerly belonged to Ippon-Matsu)
  3. Meito; Shusui (formerly belonged to Ryuma)

Former Swords

For one reason or another, maybe as a demonstration of his skill because he can use any sword he must at any time, Zoro has one or more of his swords destroyed, removed from his possession, or incapacitated in some way:
  1. Katana x2 (both were destroyed by Dracule Mihawk)
  2. Johnny's and Yosaku's swords (returned to them after the battle)
  3. Meito; Hana Arashi (Sogeking handcuffed to Zoro holding on to Yubashiri. It stopped being used when Sogeking was unlocked from Zoro)
  4. Meito; Yubashiri: 1 of 50 (Skillful Grade) Ryo Wazamono (formerly belonged to Ippon-Matsu, destroyed at Enies Lobby by Shu, now resting on Thriller Bark)
  5. Marine cutlass x2 (the first one was destroyed by Shu, and the second one was consequently left behind after the immediate battle at Enies Lobby)

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