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Monkey D. Luffy Biography...

Monkey D. Luffy

First Appearance
Chapter 1, Episode 1
May 5th
172 cm
300 000 000 Beri
Devil Fruit
Gomu Gomu fruit
To become the Pirate King

Monkey D. Luffy Biography
Monkey D. Luffy was born 17 years ago on Fuschia Village located in the East Blue. When he was young, he grew up with his brother, Protgas D. Ace, and his grandfather, Monkey D. Garp. During his young years, he was put through vigorous training by his grandfather ( such as sending him into forests alone at night ). However, his Grandfather soon left him and Ace to someone else. It is unknown who this other person is.

Later, Shanks, the captain of the Red Hair Pirate Crew, found Fuschia Village as his base. This is whe he met the young boy Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy, at that young age, had a dream to become a pirate, and continuously begged Shanks to take him with him. Shanks had always refused, saying that Luffy was too much of a little kid, and this always made Luffy mad. Even though, their relationship was strong. 

One day, after Luffy had stabbed himself in the face in an attempt to gain respect from Shanks, they all had gone to the local bar for a drink. All of a sudden, the front door of the bar banged open, and in walked Higuma, a wanted man of 6 million belli, and his mountain bandts. Luffy watched as the montain bandit approached the bar, asking for some beer, but Shanks explains that he and his crew had already ordered it all up. However, even so, Shanks offered the Bandit his own drank. The bandit slammed it in his face, refusing to accept the drink, then left the bar.

After the bandit had left, Shanks bursted out luaghing at the Bandit. Luffy got angry at Shanks, and started yelling at him, telling him he should have stuck up for himself. Luffy ran off, angry, but Shanks grabbed his arm to stop him. However, Luffy kept walking, his arm stretching. Shanks realized immediatley that Luffy had eaten the Gomu Gomu no Mi, or the Rubber Rubber Devil Fruit that Shanks and his crew had stolen from the enemy. Shanks treid desperately to make Luffy throw up the fruit, but it wouldn't work. The effects had already been imbedded into Luffy. He was now a rubber boy. 

A few days passed, and as Shanks and his crew were gone, the mountain Bandits returned again. This time, when they went into the bar, only Luffy was there. After Higuma had ordered some beer, he began talking bad about Shanks, about how terrible he was and how he was such a weakling and loser. Luffy got mad and spoke up for Shanks, but this caused him only trouble. Higuma kidnapped Luffy, taking him away.

Later that day, Shanks had discovered that Luffy had gone missing, he immediately went out to find it. It didn't take long for him to find the mayor yelling at Higuma to let the boy go. Shanks appeared behing them all, telling him to release Luffy, but Higuma didn't agree. After all of his men had gotten beaten by Ben Beckman, one of the men on Shanks crew, Higuma threw down a smokebomb so that he could escape.

Higuma ran off with Luffy in his hands, getting on a small boat and sailing away from the island. Luffy tried to get free, but he wasn't strong enough to escape Higuma's grasp. When they were far enough from the coast of the island, Higuma threw Luffy off of the boat. Since Luffy at the Gomu Gomu no Mi, he would never be able to swim. Luffy waved his hands around, trying to stay up above water. Higuma looked down at Luffy struggling and laughed. All of a sudden, however, a giant Sea King ate Higuma in one bite. Luffy yelled, terrified, as the Sea King spotted him, approaching closer.

However, all of a sudden, Luffy was saved. Shanks had appeared and whipped Luffy out of the way just in time. As Shanks held Luffy, he looked up at the Sea King. Just by Shanks glare, the Sea King ran off as quickly as possible. Luffy looked at Shanks, and he kept crying. Shanks told him that he shouldn't, but Luffy couldn't help it. Although Luffy was safe, the Sea King had managed to rip off Shanks arm. Shanks called it no problem, as long as Luffy was safe.

Not long after, back on the island, Shanks and his crew was getting ready to officially leave Fushcia Village for good. Luffy said that he wouldn't ask to follow Shanks anymore, because he was going to raise his own Pirate Crew. He said that he would become the Pirate King, the best pirate in the world. Shanks smiled, then bent down to Luffy. He said, since that was the case, he was going to give Luffy his most precious treasure, his straw hat. Taking it off of his own head, he placed it on Luffy. After that, Shanks gathered his crew and left Luffy.

Luffy trained for the next ten years. And finally, at the age of 17, he left his village, setting sail to make the greatest crew in the world.

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