Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Real Pirates!

The traditional "Joly Roger" of piracy

Here Below are some of the real pirates used in One Piece

Name         Awilda (Alwilda)
Place of birthDenmark

Name                       Edward Teach
Nickname Blackbeard
Born c. 1680
Place of birth (presumed) Bristol, England
Died 22 November 1718
Place of death Ocracoke, Province of Carolina
Years active 1716–1718
Rank Captain
Base of operations Atlantic
Commands Queen Anne's Revenge, Adventure
 Name       James Brooke
Reign 18 August 1842 – 11 June 1868
Successor Charles

House Brooke dynasty
Father Thomas Brooke
Mother Anna Maria Brooke
Born 29 April 1803
Secrole, Benares, British India
Died 11 June 1868 (aged 65)
Burrator, United Kingdom

There is no image for Black Caesar

Black Caesar
— Pirate —
Type Pirate
Place of birth West Africa
Died 1718
Place of death Williamsburg, Virginia Colony
Years active 1700s-1710s
Rank Captain
Base of operations Florida Keys

 Name         William (Captain) Kidd
Place of birthDundee, Scotland
Died23 May 1701
Place of deathWapping, England

Edward England
Type Pirate
Place of birth Ireland
Died 1721
Place of death St. Augustine's Bay, Madagascar
Allegiance England
Rank Captain
Base of operations West Indies
Commands Several vessels, most famously the Royal James & the Fancy.
Battles/wars Battle with the Cassandra that caused his crew to mutiny and maroon him for sparing some captives.
Wealth Equiv. US $8.5 million today;
#12 Forbes top-earning pirates

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